3 Different Kinds of Quick Loans – Payday, SMS and Consumer Loans

Are You Missing Money? To survive? To live? For your business? Then a quick loan can be a good solution as long as you think well.

Mortgages are a form of loan that you can, in most cases, record quickly and easily, and you do not need to be financially stable or profitable to record it. I

f you feel that it is the right solution and you are not in doubt whether you should do it, then just jump into it – but always remember to think carefully and to read everything to do read in connection with the loan.

Below you can read about what a quick loan is and then you can also read about what an SMS loan and a consumer loan is. You can also read about why you should think about before you take out such a loan.


Payday loans

Payday loans

A quick loan is a form of loan that you can borrow online. In most cases you can borrow around DKK 500-6,000 and the application process is not difficult to go through.

The chance of being approved is also great. Therefore, the loan is paid to you very quickly, and it can therefore be a really nice thing if you stand and need some money here and now.

However, you must be aware that in most cases it is expensive to record a quick loan , and therefore you must be sure that this is what you want, and then you must also be sure that you understand what The exact thing you do.


SMS loans

SMS loans

An SMS loan works roughly in the same way as a quick loan, but it is just a newer term for it. The loan amount is also around DKK 500-6,000, and it will also be paid out quickly, but in this case – most of the time – it must be paid back in the course of one month. You do not necessarily need to record your SMS loan over SMS, it can also be done online.




A consumer loan also works in the same way as a quick loan, as the AOP (Annual Cost in Percentage) is relatively high (it is also in quick loans and in SMS loans) and you can quickly get the money paid out. The difference is really that by borrowing a consumer loan you can borrow a lot of money, and in some cases you can borrow up to SEK 400,000.


Use your brain

If you intend to take a quick loan or the like and you feel that you are in control of the situation, but also that you really need the money, you must finally do so. If that can help you, why should you abstain from it? It is just important that you think well before you do it and then it is important that you are sure that you will be able to repay the money at some point. If so, you just have to jump into the situation.


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